Selection of sports equipment based on sports activity.

Selection of sports equipment based on sports activity.

When we say sports equipment we mean sports clothes, shoes that we will wear in the gym, in the aerobics room, in outdoor activities and winter activities.

Also in the sports equipment are included all those accessories that you will need during the training such as waist belts, gloves, heart rate monitor, timer etc.

As innocent as exercise may seem, it can be dangerous to your health if you do not take protective measures. Many beginners to exercise for the first time in their lives do not pay any attention to this important step of choosing sports equipment, as they consider it unnecessary. It is a pity to be injured just because you did not have the right equipment from the beginning.

One reason many athletes skip this step is that they do not want to spend money for reasons of economy. Of course later they pay a lot more money to orthopedists and physiotherapists! For example, many athletes have many problems with the waist, knee and shin.

The reason is simple they have not chosen the right sports anti-vibration shoe for the specific sport activity and all the vibrations are transferred to the bones and joints. Here are some general information about what you will need and what to look out for when buying sports equipment:

  • Sports bra for women and spas for men. Protects the respective organs from vibrations and any strain on the exercise.
  • The dressing should be comfortable leaving the skin to breathe, always choosing the right material.
  • Trousers and blouse with long sleeves in winter. If you work out in low temperatures, add a cotton leggings inside and a cotton shirt.
  • In summer Bermuda shorts, shorts, leggings shorts and a blouse with short sleeves. If you sweat a lot it will be good to have a second blouse with you.
  • In case you choose to work out, outside the gym, it would be good for your clothes to have bright colors.
  • Choose special sports socks of good quality! Very important for the hygiene of your feet!
  • Choose the right sneaker depending on the activity you will do. Shoes should have a sole with a special material that absorbs vibrations. And do not forget that the average lifespan of special shoes does not exceed 60 to 80 hours. Then they do not offer any protection!
  • If you decide to do weights, it would be good to always have a special weight lifting belt with you to protect your waist. Optional special weights for weights if you are afraid of roses and blisters!
  • Always have a towel with you to wipe your sweat.
  • If you work out in a gym, it is recommended that you have two towels, one of which you use to cover the gym equipment before using them. The less contact your body has with the gym equipment the better! Wash your sports clothes after each use!
  • In each workout you have with you a bottle of water! Hydration during training is very important to avoid dehydration.

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