Sportswear in summer activities

Sportswear in summer activities

Greece has its honor since it is rained by the sea and most months of the year it is sunny. This gives the opportunity to more and more people to engage in summer activities as a prerequisite is to love the sea and the sun. In the summer activities we will include those activities, which the necessary element to perform is the sea water.

Summer activities include: water skiing, jet skiing, swimming, sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing and canoeing. There are of course other activities that take place on an offshore beach such as rackets, beach volleyball, football, walking and sand running. In these activities the clothing is one of the lightest in relation to other activities. It consists of the swimsuit, the hat, the water bottle, the sunglasses and the sunscreen for protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

In summer activities, in addition to the above clothing, additional idealized clothes are needed that are necessary for the requirements of each activity. In water skiing, the life jacket is a must for every skier. It protects his body from any blows and keeps the skier afloat when he stops or falls for some reason.

If you are sensitive and cold, there are isothermal suits that are designed to keep the skier’s body warm and are made of neoprene. They are not necessary in summer except in special conditions with very cold water or bad weather. Finally, there are special gloves of various types that protect the skier’s hands and have a better grip on the handle.

After each use you must rinse the garment with tap water to remove the salt. In addition to clothing, there are various accessories that serve the needs of skiing such as bindings, the handle, the protective bags and the sandals.

The costume of swimming in the sea is the swimsuit and maybe the use of flippers, especially if you do not feel confident about your strengths. The diving suit includes the suit that protects the body from the cold. It also prevents heat loss and protects the diver from marine organisms and rocks. They are one-piece or vest type and more or less waterproof.

The uniforms are made of neoprene 2.5 to 6.5 mm thick. but there are also thinner bodysuits than lycra. The buoyancy regulator (vest) allows the diver to have neutral buoyancy, like fish. It is a vest with pockets for small items and is attached to the oxygen bottle.

Through this the diver regulates the amount of air that ends up in the buoyancy regulator housing and thus regulates the buoyancy in his body and can easily change the depth at which he moves. It must fit snugly on the body, without obstructing movement, and be able to hold the diver to the surface like a life preserver.

Necessary in scuba diving to protect the hands from cuts or stings while keeping warm while wearing gloves. They are made of neoprene with different thickness while many are reinforced on the palms and fingertips for better grip. The boots protect the feet from cuts and keep them warm. They are made of neoprene and depending on the morphology of the seabed you may need a hard sole for greater protection.

Flippers are the driving force of the diver in the water as they are responsible for easy movement under water. They are closed like a shoe or leave the back of the foot free and fastened with straps. Modern manufacturers have flippers in various shapes of plastic, as this reduces their weight while in the past their construction material was rubber.

The complete equipment of underwater diving also includes: snorkel, mask, weight belt, underwater lens, surface buoys, pressure regulator, rollers, compass, oxygen bottles, spare bottle, knife and auxiliary instruments such as diving computer.

They are instruments that give the necessary indications and information so that diving can be done safely. Finally, do not forget four important things that you should always have with you, if you decide to choose summer activities: a bottle of water, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. It is necessary to drink water often so as not to lead to dehydration from your constant exposure to the sun.

The hat will protect you from the strong rays of the sun and thus you will avoid sunbathing. Choose absorbent dark glasses to protect your eyes from the intense sun. Do not expose yourself to the sun in general at noon and use sunscreen with a high protection index to avoid sunburn.

You will get specialized information about the clothing of the summer activities from the specialized stores. The most specialized person who will take into account other parameters depending on the activity you have chosen, is the specialized coach-trainer.

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